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Cardboardia Animal Farm. Birmingham. Join
2017-05-03 | design internship, events

Animal Farm

Cardboardia Mobile Embassy-farm in UK

at Town’s countryside during Summer in Southside festival!

17 and 18 June 12-00 to 17.30pm (free entry), Ladywell Walk, Birmingham (UK)

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary this year! 2017 has another very important date in world history – the one hundredth anniversary of the October Social Revolution in Russia!

We’ve decided to combine these 2 remarkable and historical dates and create a series happenings and celebrations throughout this year.

The first Mobile Cardboardia Embassy of 2017 will open in the UK in Birmingham as part of Southside Summer Festival. One of the best texts about the repercussions of the revolution in Russia was ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell, a British author. 

We've decided to create a Cardboardia Animal Farm – with pigs and fences, combining the mixed feelings of safety in cages and with closeness of death.

Like a bright final we propose to form columns of not prepared demonstration in glory of George Orwell!

We are planning to bring the countryside into the urban city centre environment, near the Hippodrome right on Ladywell Walk! We will be making masks to feel like counterfeit animals and designing cardboard garden tools to become fake farmers!  Only we will won’t be making our Animal Farm to grow food, but to cultivate crazy ideas together! 

You too can become a Cardboardia personage and farmer and join our team in advance to help us develop our unique town based farm! To join the Cardboardia Laboratory for 5 days please fill in this form, we look forward to meeting you!

Cardboardia laboratory from 14 June at Studio 5 (prior registration needed). From 11am to 20pm.

If some question’s please email to

More about Cardboardia -

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Harvest Festival of Cardboardia
2016-08-12 | announcement, events

opening of the Cardboardia Embassy

On the last Saturday of August we will celebrate Harvest Festival of Cardboardia at the “Ziferblat” dacha!

When: August 27 from 14:00 to 18:00
Where: Dvoryaninovo village, Cardboardia Embassy, 109km from Moscow, 1,5 hours by car 

Admission is free. We ask you to register so we can understand in advance how many guests to expect (and also be able to give you feedback!)

By the lake we will show new performance, starring a tractor operated by a farmer Alexander. Before and after the performance - grill from the restaurant "Mark and Lev", smithy of Lev Ogibenin, master-class on baking homemade bread from Eugenia Lomonosova, excursion in "Edible Forest" with Sergey Grishin and, of course, construction of the Cardboard Town for Toys together with Personages of Cardboardia.

Everyone can become a guest star!
Don’t forget you’re entering nature’s domain and may need to bring with you a sun hat, comfortable shoes and an umbrella.

Venue: Dvoryaninovo village, Zaokskiy district, Tula region. 

To join “Made in Cardboardia” internship (20-28 August) in preparation for the Festival! You can apply (beofre 18 August) here:

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Cardboardia internship at the Ziferblat dacha
2016-07-29 | design internship, events

Cardboardia Embassy

"Made in Cardboardia" workshop and Ziferblat summer residence ( open enrollment for unique field internship, divided in two modules:

- Communication, performance with elements of management – curators Sergey Korsakov and Alexandra Lovyannikova (Cardboardia)
- Design of performance, creation of props and costumes from cardboard and paper – curator Igor Lev (Cardboardia)

"My perception of Cardboard has totally changed" (Olga Vasenko, design of performance)

"Internship in Cardboardia is like a two-week creativity camp where you can search for your place and role by yourself" (Yulia Ershova, performance with elements of management)

"Through 2 weeks (of which I was present only 5 days) I learned from Tyran more than through the years of my whole work experience" (Nastya Straumal, performance with elements of management)

"Large-scale, high quality, unique" (Elena Kalinina, performance with elements of management)

That's what people say after going on adventure with glue guns, cardboard tubes and timings.

In July we introduced our first summer residence internship, that ended up with a grand opening of the Cardboardia Embassy at "Ziferblat" dacha. You can have a look at how it was here (caution - a lot of Suprematism!).

Now, feeling more comfortable in the company of cows, goats, vast fields and forests, we're planning a large-scale performance of the Harvest Festival on one of the fields of the "Farm for Life". This time we go big and wiдl try new forms and create a performanсe with huge cardboard objects! We're going to melt the Day of Tyran's Giant Creatures with fertility theme, investigate old rituals and create new ones, live in atmosphere of creative escapism and controlled mayhem! If you feel you have enough of desire and stamina to create things non-stop for a week - maybe this internship is exactly what you need. 

Workshop venue: Dvoryaninovo village, Zaokskiy district, Tula region. Accommodation – camping (free of charge). 

Dates: from 20 to 28 August 2016. August 27 will be the Harvest Festival.

To apply, please fill in the form:

read more..

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Hebden Bridge Cardboardia Embassy
2016-07-22 | design internship, events
Tyran and bureaucrats
Photo © Ian Hodgson
The Personages of Cardboardia (along with their Tyran) have returned from the UK bursting with new experience, emotions and stories!

This year Cardboardia Personages (citizens) joined the 9th annual Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade. From 27th May to 26th June, together with Handmade parade lead artists, local families and amazing "Made in Cardboardia" interns, we created a response on the parade's theme - flood in Hebden Bridge on the last Christmas! Tyran's propose was to show not only natural mud that come from earth and sky, but other kind of mud that come from minds and lives of people. We created Mobile Town with a central statue of The Giant Toilet accompanied by polluting tubes, chimneys, vehicles and even a group of bureaucrats - everything that makes life so full of... unclean matter.... The answer on this mud production was the second Utopian Mobile Town with The Big Tree as a central object, where huge red vacuum cleaner, surrounded by robots-gardeners, tried really hard to protect town ecology from these bureaucratic humans!
On this very day 26 June, as Handmade Parade was getting to its final stage, at the grand opening of the Embassy of Cardboardia several government appointments were made. Andrew Kim was officially designated as the Minister of the Union! The Tyran personally wrote him a Bank of Cardboardia cheque worth 100 Bad Tastes to support the further creation of Cardboardia on the territory of Hebden Bridge. This day was also marked by the creation of the new, highly important post of Prime Bureaucrat (which was immediately taken by Richard Coaten). Meanwhile, Plamen Georgiev granted himself the position of Tyran’s Adviser, and that was a very positive step because the Tyran likes it when people just get on and do what they feel is important! Also we were very pleased to see a long, long queue right in front of the Embassy, formed by people wanting to become Personages of Cardboardia, so that they can get a Personage Permit (citizenship) of Cardboardia. (If you want to see some great photographs from the festival, check this album!)
All this became possible because of the main Personages and friends of Cardboardia who were there! We want to express our gratitude for this opportunity to people involved in Parade.
Andrew Kim, the Artistic Director of Handmade Parade and now also the Minister of Union, who made it all possible! Nancy Barrett, the director of Creative Scene; Matt Burman, the Artistic Director of Yorkshire Festival; Stephen Coates, the Minister of Complaints and Small Revolutions (and ex-Cardboardia Ambassador to the UK); Olesya Kandalintseva, the Minister of Education in Cardboardia; Timofey Moskovkin, the Minister of the Warehouse; Ulya Gromova (not a Minister but an important Personage); interns of "Made In Cardboardia" training  - Sarah Celeghin, Lottie Smith, Amy Hegarty, Francheska Nekrasova, Nina Sergeeva; and of course, Sue Walpole, Kerith Ogden and Fran Sierevogel, Jude Wadley, Kath McGrath, Thea Soltau the main team of Handmade Parade with whom we were very happy to work and spend time!

Thank you all for making it so great and so real!

Obviously, we have no intention to stop and abandon our new Personages of Cardboardia! The UK Cardboardia Embassy in Hebden Bridge will get to work immediately, and we are planning to create and develop big materializations of Cardboardia in the UK in 2017 and 2018 with Cardboard Towns and National Celebrations!  

Through all this magic, mystery and mayhem we hope to create better understanding of Cardboardia culture in England!
Cardboardia is a State of Mind, a country without borders, a Union of Art and Heart
If you want to Materialize Cardboardia - please email
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Open call Cardboardia internship at Summer residence
2016-05-28 | design internship, events


mass culture factory

The internship started, so ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED NOW. Thanks to all who applied!  

July 16 we invite you on the grand opening of Toy Cardboard Town - you'll find there lots of cardboard, nature, music and special program from Personages. Join our experiment and call your friends! 


Made in Cardboardia workshop and Ziferblat summer residence ( open enrollment for unique field internship, divided in two modules:

- Communication, performance with elements of management – curator Sergey Korsakov (Cardboardia)
- Design of performance, creation of props and costumes from cardboard and paper – curator Olesya Kandalintseva (Cardboardia)

We announce recruitment for positions in the Administration of Toy Cardboard Town at the Ziferblat summer residence: chief architect, mayor and several builders. The purpose of this internship is to find new Personages of Cardboardia that are interested in project work in Cardboardia Embassy on the territory of Dvoryaninovo village.

Workshop venue: Dvoryaninovo village, Zaokskiy district, Tula region. Accommodation – camping (free of charge) or Ziferblat houses.

Dates: from 11 to 17 July 2016. July 16 will be a grand opening of Toy Cardboard Town.


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