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Official Cardboardia Orchestra. Imagineers!
2017-09-22 | , events

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and we're celebrating our tenth anniversary this year! Our state is independent and not connected with any natural resources, just people's creative energy! We are always searching for new creative energy supplies in humanoid form!

This year in Cardboardia’s laboratories we are research sounds a lot. It connected to our invention Alchemical Music Box ( To celebrate Cardboardia 10th Anniversary much more loud Personages of Cardboardia decide to create Official Cardboardia Orchestra! The Tyran, elected leader of the country, put forward his candidacy to direct this process!

During 4 days in Coventry workshop our task is to create the strangest and most beautiful Orchestra in a world and we will present it on 30 September on Festival of Imagineers!

See the final walk-about in Coventry University Square 1.45pm and 3.30pm Saturday 30 September.

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