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Cardboardia Film Studio on Sziget Festival
2017-06-11 | events

Cardboardia Film Studio

The filming studio of Cardboardia will be in creation mode during five days of the Sziget festival ( Each day we will be creating a unique universe and shooting stories, inspired by a variety of film genres. Great themes such as zombie apocalypse, love stories, war epics, prison escape adventures and superheroes sagas will be the canvas for the scenes to shoot with the audience.

We will create a multifunctional space (shooting studio, props and costumes workshop area and open air set) where anyone can become - alternately or simultaneously - set designer, props and costume maker or movie hero. Everyone will have the chance to create their own personage and join the shooting sessions and be part of the new ingenious plan of famous and absolutely inexperienced film director Tyran of Cardboardia (Russia) and his assistant and right hand - Cardboardia’s Minister of Circus & Circumstances (Greece).

On a daily schedule from 11am to 6pm, the about-to-become-celebrities members of the Sziget audience will be able to:

  • work with cardboard on props creation, mask and costume making, set construction.
  • join rehearsal sessions, where we will try to create the unique stories and personages.
  • take part in the actual shooting of their stories and bring their heroes to life.
  • be a member of the daily Cardboardia Film EPIC scene shooting! A procession in the festival’s main roads, where the epic scenes for our movies will be being shot each day.

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and this year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! The year 2017 is marking some other very important dates in world history as well – the 25th year of festival Sziget foundation in Hungary!  

We are uniting to celebrate both this remarkable dates! Tyran of Cardboardia, following the precepts of some forbidden now philosopher and mind changer, who already century ago ago  said that cinematograph is the most important of the arts, sees a beautiful chance to check this within a music and multidisciplinary arts festival that is Sziget.

Video from Cardboardia Parade on Spoffin Festival:

Imagine you could step out of your ordinary life and become a character in your own story. How would you create it? Whether you would like to be an artist, a performer or an entrepreneur, fully immersed or just to visit for a while, Cardboardia will provide you with the tools to help build your creative community and to participate in a totally unique creative experiment.
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