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Harvest Festival of Cardboardia
2016-08-12 | announcement, events

opening of the Cardboardia Embassy

On the last Saturday of August we will celebrate Harvest Festival of Cardboardia at the “Ziferblat” dacha!

When: August 27 from 14:00 to 18:00
Where: Dvoryaninovo village, Cardboardia Embassy, 109km from Moscow, 1,5 hours by car 

Admission is free. We ask you to register so we can understand in advance how many guests to expect (and also be able to give you feedback!)

By the lake we will show new performance, starring a tractor operated by a farmer Alexander. Before and after the performance - grill from the restaurant "Mark and Lev", smithy of Lev Ogibenin, master-class on baking homemade bread from Eugenia Lomonosova, excursion in "Edible Forest" with Sergey Grishin and, of course, construction of the Cardboard Town for Toys together with Personages of Cardboardia.

Everyone can become a guest star!
Don’t forget you’re entering nature’s domain and may need to bring with you a sun hat, comfortable shoes and an umbrella.

Venue: Dvoryaninovo village, Zaokskiy district, Tula region. 

To join “Made in Cardboardia” internship (20-28 August) in preparation for the Festival! You can apply (beofre 18 August) here:

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