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Open call Cardboardia Lab at Handmade Parade
2016-01-27 | design internship, events

Open Call!

Open call from January 2016 for participation in Cardboardia Laboratory in borders of «Handmade Parade» on territory UK (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire)!

co-commissioned by Yorkshire Festival and and Creative Scene

During period 10 - 29 June  - we will develop Cardboardia column for Handmade Parade and will open Cardboardia Embassy in West Yorkshire town. We come up with the idea of wonderfulstory, full of stupidity, games and life cardboard creatures. And show it to a wider audience.

Main event - 26 June (Sunday) - Handmade Parade (

Carboardia Laboratory workshop opens enrollment for unique internship that includes two modules:

Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances" -  design of performance, creation of big and small objects, creation of cardboard and paper  costumes - under the leadership of the Minister of Education of Cardboardia, Olesya Kandalintseva, Cardboardia Space Minister - Artem Gapurov and «Made in Cardboardia» workshop  leading artist – Timofey Moskovkin.

Module 2 - "Street performance, communication and interaction with the public" - interaction, performance, management  of big scale events - under the leadership of Tyran of Cardboardia, Sergey Korsakov (Russia, Cardboardia).  Co-curating by Andrew Kim, puppeteer and artistic director of Handmade Parade (England). 

Who may be interested?

Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances"

We  invite to participation beginning artists, designers, architects, photographers, students of pedagogical colleges and everyone who is interested in making art.  Take part in our intensive practical course - which will teach you the basics of cardboard- modeling and making performances with people. The course is optimal as practice internship for students.

Module 2 - "Street performance, organization and communication with public for bigginers"

Suitable for actors, performers, directors, clowns as well as event managers/producers who would like both get new interesting  experience of  creating performance from the very beginning and improvisation and take part in the organization of the process. Organizers who would like to develop skills interacting with the public in the process of street and spectacle performance are welcome to apply. Your training in performance and management is considered but not critical in our selection. 

This is an opportunity to take part in creating real projects where you will deliver unexpected tasks with delightful consequences.  The way you are involved in participation depends on your desires, talents and diligence. For the experienced specialists the internship can become a base for experiments, public realisation of art plans, research for new directions. For the students and beginners the internship can become an opportunity to make first steps and a place where you will be evaluated by your results, not your diploma and portfolio.

What we are doing

During our internship program participants will learn and improve their skills: 

-      creating a visual concept of objects/costumes

-      sketching

-      making objects

-      working with cardboard

-      working up some plans of realisation an actions

-      making a script of an action based on offering conception

-      realisation of an action according to script

-      public performance, communication with the audience


If you want to join you need:

-      fill the application form online -

-      accomplish a task, that you will receive during 10 days after sending the form.

-      go through online interview  (time and date will confirmed individually)

-      arrive to Hebden Bridge after 10 June, laborartory in period 10 June - 28 th June

participation is free

Participants are responsible for their own food and travel costs to Hebden Bridge, England. Participants from Kirklees area can apply to Creative Scene project for travel and other costs support.

Participants are reponsible for any necessary travel visas. 

Workshop venue: Unit 5 Victoria Works, Victoria Road

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 8LN, England

Planed working hours, 11am- 7pm. Schedule will be specified during the online interview.

According to the results of internship our participants get a chance to become part or full-time members of "Made in Cardboardia team"- in UK, Europe or Russia.

It limited numbers of participents we accept, please fill this online form:

Curators (curators can change, in confirmation):

Tyran of Cardboardia

Sergey Korsakov, Russia (Tyran of Cardboardia, elected leader of the country) 1977 year of my arrival. Based mostly in Moscow, traveling a lot to promote Cardboardia country and setup Embassy’s around the globe. Before being elected as post of Tyran of Cardboardia – was head of «Bad Taste» (Russia) music label and agency (The Tiger Lillies, The Real Tuesday Weld, Jason Webley, The Flea-Pit Orchestra, Psoy Korolenko, Korabl, Tudosok and others), before it publisher of «Kinoizm» and «Igrok» online magazines and director of advertisement department at «Polit.Ru» magazine. Create and organize a lot of small and big events around the world, include gigs, shows, city festivals and Cardboardia materialisations.

Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim (artist, design, director) has created puppets, plays and parades for over 20 years. He started in the USA with In the Heart of the Beast Theatre (Minneapolis) and worked with Bread & Puppet Theatre (Vermont) and in Seattle with the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade. He moved to England where he is now the director of puppet company Thingumajig Theatre ( and Handmade Parade. His puppets and performances have taken him to throughout the UK and USA, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hungary, Korea and Taiwan. Andrew become personage of Cardboardia last year and help to setup Mobile Cardboardia Embassy in Latvia and Poland. He is the Minister of business and negotiations of Cardboardia and Foreign Minister of Cardboardia!

Minister of Education of Cardboardia

Olesya Kandalintseva, Russia (artist, designer, curator of internship program at «Made in Cardboardia») Born in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from High School of Landscape Architecture and Design in Moscow. In 2011 – 2012 she attended two summer study cycles at the Strelka Institute. Starting from January 2013 Olesya Kandalintseva is Minister of Education of Cardboardia and a curator of Made in Cardboardia internship . Up to now Olesya Kandalintseva implemented more than 30 projects as curator and artist.

Timofej Moskovkin

Timothy Moskovkin, Russia (artist, designer, photographer) In 2006 graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Moscow State University of Printing. Participated in group photographic exhibitions since 2003. Foto instalation "Dream", exhibited at the Biennale of Young Art in 2004, is in the collection MMSI. He worked as a photographer and helped with organization of photographic exhibitions. From 2009 to 2010 he worked at the Slovak Institute, Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Moscow. Assisted in ordering and conducting exhibitions Slovak photographers and artists. Taking part in Cardboardia projects since 2011 first as a volunteer and a Cardboardia persobage, then as the Minister of the Warehouse and prime designer in "Made in Cardboardia" workshop since its opening.


Plamen Radev – PLAM’ (FIRE THEATRE Mime Company – Bulgaria)

 Theatre director, actor and pedagogue from Bulgaria. Expert in mime & non-verbal theatre. Graduate of National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) – Sofia, Bulgaria and Sofia University. Co-founder (together with Elena Pap) and co-leader (member of the managing and creative core team) of FIRE THEATRE Mime Company - 23 years old independent theatre collective experimenting, researching and developing intensively an unique type of theatre that is blending the Art of Mime with the mastery of Performing with Fire and using various techniques of expression from the palette of the outdoor and street theatre, carnival, puppet and mask theatre, contemporary and classical circus etc. FIRE THEATRE is one of the very less Bulgarian theatre companies that are striving to popularize in the country and abroad and to develop the art of making theatre out of the comfort of the conventional stage – on the street, town square, in the ancient ruins or in natural environment. As actor and mime Plamen has participated in various projects of some of the leading Bulgarian state drama theatre companies. He was also for 4 years part of the artistic team of Samsung Everland – Korea – the sixth biggest amusement park in the world. He was for 2 years a part-time lecturer in dramaturgy for non-verbal theatre in NATFA – Sofia and leader of various workshops in mime, mask and shadow theatre in Bulgaria and abroad. Currently Plamen is leader of “FIRE” FEST STUDIO – youth laboratory for carnival, fire and out-door theatre (joint initiative of FIRE theatre-art-culture FOUNDATION and the Municipal cultural Institute Cultural House “Sredetz”- Sofia). During his stay in Korea Plamen was taking regular classes in paper sculpture (3D paper illustration), organized by the Korean Paper Art Association. Last year he made master class with Mr. Kim Young-Bum – the pioneer of the contemporary paper sculpture movement in Korea. 

Plamen met the Tyran of Cardboardia during the autumn plenary meeting of IETM (the world largest network for theatre and performing arts) in Sofia, September 2014. This is his first opportunity to collaborate with the creative teams of Cardboardia and Handmade Parade.


The internship program of Made in Cardboardia workshop was established in January, 2013. During this period the program participants and workshop curators have implemented more 30 projects, including those within a framework of festivals: Museums at Night (Moscow, 2013), Bright people (Moscow, 2013 and 2014), LowLands (the Netherlands, 2013 and 2014 ), International Lohas Festival (Taiwan), together with volunteers designed I'm in the House exhibition for The Gift of Life Foundation (Zurab Tsereteli Gallery of Arts, 2014), organized the Parade of Tyran's Dreams (Voronezh, 2014), International Street Performance Lab, Cardboardia Space Odyssey, the workshop with participation of Spyros Andreopoulos (Greece). You can watch the works of our cardboard design school graduates here.

Handmade Parade brings artists into communities to create parades, festivals and stunning celebrations. We have a fantastic talented and generous team of professional carnival artists, puppeteers, makers, musicians, stilt walkers and performers based around Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, England. We produce 2 annual events, the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade the Todmorden Lamplighter Festival which both feature world-class parade art and music with a high level of community participation.


Cardboardia – how to build your ideal world

Imagine you could step out of your ordinary life and become a character in your own story. How would you create it? Whether you would like to be an artist, a performer or an entrepreneur, fully immersed or just to visit for a while, Cardboardia will provide you with the tools to help build your creative community and to participate in a totally unique creative experiment.

Yorkshire Festival

This Cardboardia residency at Handmade Parade is co-commissioned by Yorkshire Festival and by Creative Scene West Yorkshire.


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