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Open call Cardboardia internship at Summer residence
2016-05-28 | design internship, events


mass culture factory

The internship started, so ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED NOW. Thanks to all who applied!  

July 16 we invite you on the grand opening of Toy Cardboard Town - you'll find there lots of cardboard, nature, music and special program from Personages. Join our experiment and call your friends! 


Made in Cardboardia workshop and Ziferblat summer residence ( open enrollment for unique field internship, divided in two modules:

- Communication, performance with elements of management – curator Sergey Korsakov (Cardboardia)
- Design of performance, creation of props and costumes from cardboard and paper – curator Olesya Kandalintseva (Cardboardia)

We announce recruitment for positions in the Administration of Toy Cardboard Town at the Ziferblat summer residence: chief architect, mayor and several builders. The purpose of this internship is to find new Personages of Cardboardia that are interested in project work in Cardboardia Embassy on the territory of Dvoryaninovo village.

Workshop venue: Dvoryaninovo village, Zaokskiy district, Tula region. Accommodation – camping (free of charge) or Ziferblat houses.

Dates: from 11 to 17 July 2016. July 16 will be a grand opening of Toy Cardboard Town.


Who may be interested?

Module 1 - "Design of performance, creation of props and costumes from cardboard and paper" 

We invite to participation beginning artists, designers, architects, photographers, students of pedagogical colleges and everyone who is interested in making art. Take part in our intensive practical course, which will teach you the basics of cardboard modeling and working with the audience within performances. The course is optimal as practice internship for students.

Module 2 - "Communication, performance with elements of management"

Suitable for actors, performers, directors, clowns as well as event managers/producers who would like not only to get new interesting experience of creating performances from the very beginning and improvising in the team, but also take part in the organizational processes. Organizers who would like to develop their skills of interaction with the audience in the process of street and spectacular performance are welcome to apply. Your training in performance and management is considered but not critical in our selection. 

This is an opportunity to take part in creating real projects, full of diverse and often unexpected tasks. The level of participation solely depends on your desires, abilities and diligence. For experienced professionals the internship can become a base for experiments, public realization of creative ideas, and research of new directions. For students and beginners the internship can become an opportunity to take the first steps in the creative field, and also a place where you will be evaluated by your results, not diploma and portfolio.


What we do

During our internship programme participants will learn and improve their skills of: 

-      creating a visual concept of objects/costumes

-      sketching 

-      making objects

-      working with cardboard

-      creating plans of event realization

-      creating event scripts, based on offered conception

-      realization of event according to script

-      public performance, communication with the audience



Participation is free.  We require our future participants to go through the interview (online, if you're not based in Moscow). 

We will need you for the whole duration of the internship from 11 to 17 June 2016. We are going to work a lot! 

According to results of internship our participants get a chance to become part or full-time members of "Made in Cardboardia team"- in UK, Europe or Russia. In this case we are interested in finding people who are ready to live and work (from 2 weeks to several years) in Zaokskiy district and develop with us Country Embassy of Cardboardia.

Workshop venue: Dvoryaninovo village, Zaokskiy district, Tula region. Accommodation – camping (free of charge) or Ziferblat houses.

Not sure how to get there? Here’s an instruction:



Tyran of Cardboardia

Sergey Korsakov, Russia (Tyran of Cardboardia, elected leader of the country). Based mostly in Moscow, he’s traveling a lot to promote Cardboardia country and establish Embassies around the globe. Before being elected as the Tyrant of Cardboardia was head of «Bad Taste» (Russia) music label and agency (The Tiger Lillies, The Real Tuesday Weld, Jason Webley, The Flea-Pit Orchestra, Psoy Korolenko, Korabl, Tudosok and others), before it was a publisher of «Kinoizm» and «Igrok» online magazines and director of advertisement department at «Polit.Ru» magazine. Creates and organizes lots of small and big events around the world, including gigs, shows, city festivals and Cardboardia materializations.

Minister of Education

Olesya Kandalintseva, Russia (artist, designer, curator of the internship programme at «Made in Cardboardia»). Olesya graduated from High School of Landscape Architecture and Design in Moscow. In 2011 – 2012 she attended two summer study cycles at the Strelka Institute. Starting from January 2013 Olesya Kandalintseva is the Minister of Education of Cardboardia and a curator of Made in Cardboardia internship. Up to now Olesya Kandalintseva implemented more than 30 projects as curator and artist.

The internship programme of Made in Cardboardia workshop exists since January, 2013. During this time participants of the programme and workshop curators realized more than 40 projects, including those in framework of the festivals Museums at Night (Moscow, 2013), Bright people (Moscow, 2013 and 2014), LowLands (Netherlands 2013 and 2014) and International Lohas Festival (Taiwan). Together with volunteers of the Gift of Life Foundation designed I’m in the House exhibition (Zurab Tseretely Gallery of Arts, 2014), organized the Parade of Tyran’s Dreams at Platonov festival of arts (Voronezh, 2014). In 2013 with Spyros Andreopolous (Greece) was organized international laboratory of street performance Cardboardia Space Odyssey. European internship Made in Cardboardia in 2015 was dedicated to Cardboardia Mobile Embassy tour (Latvia, Poland, Denmark).   


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