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Cardboardia: Forming New Communities
2017-12-18 | Cardboard,

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Ten years ago Sergey Korsakov and his fiancée Viktoria didn’t want to have an ordinary wedding and decided to build a cardboard wedding palace during the Afisha Picnic Festival n Moscow where couples could make public acts of marriage. Sergey remembers: All of the guests liked this ceremony so much that I had the thought of building a second, bigger and longer existing cardboard town with its own traditions, institutes and economy. We materialized this idea in Moscow in January, 2008 to great public and press acclaim.

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Endless Cardboard Town for Toy's construction
2015-05-10 | events, Cardboard

#cardboardtown #cardboardia #cardboard #workshop #handmade #madeincardboardia #children

We would like to invite you to participate in 

Endless Cardboard Town for Toy's construction

Address: Krasnogvardeysky boulevard, 1 ( "Ulitsa 1905 goda" or "Vystavochnaya" metro station), at Children's Library number 25


Wednesday - Friday - 12.00 - 19.00 (except holidays)

Saturday and Sunday - 12.00 – 17.00 (except holidays)

Monday and Tuesday are days off.

For reference, call: +7 926 499 22 70 Natalia Babushkina, the First Governor of Cardboardia

Please check Vkontakte Event - you can post photos of your work there!

We are constantly asked: "Can we visit your workshop with children to work with cardboard and make something together?" Usually we answer, that our production is private, and only adults can participate in internship projects. But you wanted it so much that we decided to open an area you can visit almost every day.

1st of April, 2015 Cardboardia Personages open the constantly working living exposition in “Made in Cardboardia” workshop that can be visited by children of all ages and their parents in order to construct the model of the Cardboard Town together. Every constructor can materialize his dreams in any building, monument, transport or personage and thus become a co-author by asking himself, how the town of his dreams looks like.

Moreover, you can bring old tiny toys, exchange with other licensed constructors and settle them in our town.

Timofey Moskovkin, the honored personage of Cardboardia at the order of Tyran is appointed to the post of the First architect of the Cardboard Town for Toys! He is to create the basic town infrastructure and help beginners to realize their timid projects!

The construction site has been working under experimental conditions and waiting for all comers from 1 April, 2015.

Only over-5 years old licensed specialists are allowed to construct. Only one specialist can work under one license.

The construction License for three hours running costs 500 rub.

The construction License for 1 hour costs 250 rub.

For groups of 10 people and more the cost of one construction License is 350 rub. for a person.

For school groups we give 45-minute classes at weekdays. In this case the License costs 250 rub, and all comers should register beforehand.

You can buy tickets online:

Please be reminded: you can bring your own tiny toys for settling them in the town!


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Baggage exibition
2014-02-11 | events, exibitions, Made in Cardboardia, Cardboard

"A lady sent in the van
A bag, a box, a divan,
A hamper, a sampler, some books
And a wee little doggy named Snooks.."

Game cardboard scenery for exhibition, which presents the characters of the poem SY Marshak "Baggage" in illustrations of young professional artists in Moscow. Exhibition is held at the State Literary Museum in Moscow from 20th of November to 30th of December 2012.

During the competition everyone could undergo our free practical course of projecourse of corrugated cardboard design "Complete Cardboard". After completing the course, participants will present their projects to the competition: art objects made

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Cardboard Soviet Design
2014-01-18 | events, personages, Cardboard

In November 2013 the workshop by "Made in Cardboardia" ( took part in exhibition "Soviet design"(Moscow "Manege"). We made reconstruction of furniture of cardboard using the sketches of designer A.P. Ermolaev, amazing in their simplicity and originality of constructivism that correlates well with the policy of our workshop. This chairs and tables was made by Aleksandr Ermolaev for decoration of international forum in Soviet Union times (1975).

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Cardboardia national celebration. Taiwan. 2013.
2013-07-09 | global context, events, personages, cardboard

 Day of Tyran's Giant Creatures

Cardboardia national celebration

Day of Tyran’s Giant Creatures

during Yilan International Lohas Festival 2013

28 july - 10 august, Chongsheng St.Yilan City, 11-00 - 17-00

The Country of Cardboardia can boast very strong traditions! For the second year we are now going to have our National Celebration - "Day of Tyran’s Giant Creatures”. In 2012 we celebrated it in Gorky Park, in the City of Moscow. This year personages of Cardboardia will hold the celebration on the island of Taiwan on a usual large-scale extent from June 28th until August 10th. 

We are inviting residents and guests of Yilan city to join Cardboardia personages for the creation of Giant Creatures and Smaller Creatures, so that on 10th of August several thousand people could attend the Celebration and the Grand Parade in honor of Yilan city and commemorate presence of Cardboardia at the International Lohas Festival 2013. 

Everyone can join workshop, creation of objects, costumes and masks from cardboard supported by Cardboardia personages.  Please note that number of places is limited. Workshop will take place at the following address:
No.4, Chongsheng St.Yilan City, Yilan County 26043 Taiwan (ROC)

Cardboardia is a country without territory but with a very creative population. Wherever we come to build Cardboard towns or to organize Parades, Performances and Celebrations we are inviting all and everyone to join us in order to share creative experience in designing, building and improvising with cardboard and ideas. Join us to experiment and explore the amazing world of cardboard! Create, Earn, Play! Make your artistic dreams come true with Cardboardia!

You can forward your questions in English to the Tyran of Cardboardia at 

To register please fill in an online form. 

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