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Cardboardia DIY Theatre in Riga
2014-06-25 | events, announcement, experiments, festivals, theatre

Jul 19th, Saturday from 11am till 4pm

Riga, Kalnciema Quarter, Kalnciemа 35 iela

Cardboardia DIY Theatre 
part of Paper Object Festival

Cardboardia is a country that cherishes its traditions and customs. Cardboardia’s Tyran, as the nation’s democratically elected leader, especially encourages manifestations of people’s collective creativity. We create the kind of spaces where each and every one can find a way to express herself or himself. They are also the spaces to make new friends and meet the old ones.

Just like respected states ought to, Cardboardia has a Ministry of Culture that coordinates the work of all national theatres, including the Cardboard Academic Theatre of Cardboardia. Late fall of 2013 was marked by the foundation of yet another theatre, the Cardboard DIY Theatre, that has its first international tour scheduled for Jul 19th in Riga, as a part of the Paper Object Festival.

Cardboardia DIY Theatre invites you to learn working with cardboard to make performances and stage plays. The invitation is open to everyone interested – parents with children, groups of people, loud or modest, grandmothers and grandfathers – everyone will have a chance to become a screenplay writer, decorator, actor, or director!

Cardboardia’s personages will tell the fascinating story of the home theatre, teach the science of creating with cardboard, and take part in the rehearsals. And of course we can all enjoy the plays created together, funny, absurd, or naïve.

If you are interested in ideas for engaging DIY activities and learning how to make a memorable family event, or simply want to spend an excellent time with your friends and your children – sign up and come to see us!

Click here to see the photos from the DIY Theatre’s premiere in Moscow.

The DIY theatre will be open from 11am till 4pm

There will be two groups:

Group 1 starts at 11am

Group 2 starts at 12pm

Performances start at 4pm

The workshop is free, yet we ask you to sign up in advance by filling the form below.

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Cardboardia Space Odyssey
2014-03-25 | events, announcement

April 12, 2014

Cardboardia Space Odyssey

12:30, free entrance and participation

“Moskvich" Cultural Center (

For the Cosmonautics Day, i.e. April 12, 2014, Personages of Cardboardia and interns of «Made in Cardboardia» workshop will develop and present their own version of the Space Odyssey together with Spyros Andreopoulos, Director and Founder of «Motus Terrae Theatre Company» from Greece. Flying and non-flying machines out of cardboard, workshops on cardboard space technologies, meetings with aliens and triumph of universal sense within the large-scale interactive performance for kids and adults!

Is it possible to overcome the borders of the solar system and other systems? How easy is it to make contact with other understanding forms of life? Join Cardboardia Personages on April 12th, 2014 at «Moskvich» Cultural Center in order to find out!!!

Project supported by Step Beyond Travel Grant (

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International Street Performance Lab
2014-03-18 | design internship, events, announcement

5 – 12 April 2014

International Street Performance Lab

"Mosckvich" Cultural Center (

project supported by Step Beyond Travel Grant (

 Made in Cardboardia (RU) and Motus Terrae Theatre Company (GR) are planning to launch an intensiveworkshop on the development of Street Performances. Therefore we would like to invite young actors and professionals to participate in one-week workshops on the following topics:

- "Performing on stilts" - Acrobatic technics and contact with the audience;

- "Costume creation" - The costume's role in interactive street performance.

In seven days we will develop an impressive Street Performance, which will be presented on the Cosmonautics Day on the 12th of April at Moskvich Cultural Center.  During this time the costume workshop's participants will focus on costume design and will get the basics of
theater costumes development, decoration and theatrical props creation. Participants of the "stilts" section will receive training on the development of body mobility and sense of rhythm, new acrobatic techniques and research newways of interacting with the audience.  

By the end of the lab, all participants will receive the following:

- New skills and practice in a real project;

- Materials for the portfolio;

- Certificate acknowledging participation in the Street Performance Lab;

- Opportunity to cooperate with Cardboardia in future.

Courses within the Lab will be taught by Spyros Andreopoulos (Actor and Director of Motus Terrae Theatre Company) and Olesya Kandalintseva (artist, designer, curator of internship program at "Made in Cardboardia").

Workshop participation is free, yet the number of places is limited. The study groups will be determinedaccording to the interviews' results.

Please forward your questions and inquiries to

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Cardboardia: developing cultural mobility in and out of Russia
2014-03-17 | global context, announcement

Here we go! The short version of Cardboardia history by Mayya Lobova. What is Cardboardia? How did it start? Who is interested in Cardboardia country? What are we doing here? Look for answers in text on! Just read it!

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Baggage exibition
2014-02-11 | events, Cardboard, exibitions, Made in Cardboardia

"A lady sent in the van
A bag, a box, a divan,
A hamper, a sampler, some books
And a wee little doggy named Snooks.."

Game cardboard scenery for exhibition, which presents the characters of the poem SY Marshak "Baggage" in illustrations of young professional artists in Moscow. Exhibition is held at the State Literary Museum in Moscow from 20th of November to 30th of December 2012.

During the competition everyone could undergo our free practical course of projecourse of corrugated cardboard design "Complete Cardboard". After completing the course, participants will present their projects to the competition: art objects made

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