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2027-07-24 | events, info

Cardboardia does not have a permanent territory. This gives Cardboardia a very stable neutral position in the international arena. Notwithstanding this,  personages of Cardboardia are frequently heard and seen during Materializations of the towns of Cardboardia and the celebration of National Holidays in different parts of the world.

A Cardboardia materialization is a key event in the life of the community. During this event, personages of Cardboardia build a Cardboard town. Each Cardboard town is an interactive model of an open city space where everybody has the opportunity to influence public life, the city atmosphere and the economic situation. Real market laws operate in streets made out of cardboard. Here one can find tourists (visitors to Cardboard town), art studios, theaters, museums and shops. Here everyone can get a job or open their own business. It is also possible for people to meet with civil servants and bureaucrats with or without a reason, as well as to design and create anything that comes to their mind form cardboard

The Cardboardia Parade is a large scale city march led by Personages of Cardboardia. The Tyran of Cardboardia has a passion for large scale demonstrations. He receives widespread support fro this from the population. Over several days, Personages of Cardboardia arrange open workshops where one participants find out how to work with cardboard. During the workshops, Personages and members of the local community work on giant mobile installations. These installations are then used as the central elements of performances and are usually followed by excited crowds.  

Workshops are the small-scale additions to the large scale events arranged by Cardboardia personages. The Cardboardia community unites artists of different backgrounds and styles, who are usually ready to share their knowledge and experience. Workshops arranged by Cardboardia personages can become a part of an independent family event or be a nice addition to a large scale city celebration. To find out more on what Cardboardia personages can share please visit the website of the Prime Victoria House.   

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