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Territorial development in practice - an unusual approach
2012-12-05 | global context, events

December 14 (Friday), 19-00
Discussion, seminar as a part of “Made in Cardboardia” program "Complete Cardboard" 
Art Talks: territorial development in practice - an unusual approach.

venue: Moscow School of Social and Economic Scienses ( 
SPEAKERS (*more info below)
Yana K.M (Russia, Performer/Photographer/Creative Coach)
Sergey Korsakov (Cardboardia, Tyran, Founder and Curator)
Sinta Wibowo (Belgium, Creative Producer Asia-Europe)
+ YOU! 

The topic of discussion
Territorial development in practice - an unusual approach. How to work with local communities, how to organize temporary or permanent large-scale events, how to reach out and work with meaningful partnerships, networks & volunteers. Cases examples: Sideways Walking Arts Festival (Belgium), Nikola-Lenivec (Russia), Materialization of Cardboardia (Russia).

More information about the speakers:

Yana K.M (1982, Russia) is an artist and a wanderer originating from Russia. She was trained as a photographer in New York, USA and spent two years studying traditional puppetry and dance in Solo, Indonesia. Currently her artistic practice is a melting pot of Butoh, Physical Theatre and Shamanic Ritual. Yana has done extensive traveling around the globe studying various cultures and art forms while applying an archeological approach of investigation of the self. She is always on the road in search of the miraculous, as a two-headed Janus living between sky and earth. She is asymmetrical, philosophical and full of beans. Yana is the daughter of a Slavic philosopher from whom she inherited her Weltschmerz. She is also the daughter of a nomadic Mongolian-Tartar who gave her endless Wanderlust. Yana lives on the brightest dot on the globe. She befriends some incredible people and a phenomenal dog. They have many adventures together. Yana’s two main possessions are her hard drive full of delicious pictures and her Healing with Whole Foods book full of great advices. These days she occupies herself by creating life that is art and art that is life.

keywords of Yana's activities
performance, puppetry, dance, photography, travelling, teaching, creative classes

Sergey Korsakov (1977, Russia)
Founder and Tyran of Carboardia country. He materializes Cardboard Towns on territory of Russia and Europe for last five years. The owner of the “Made in Cardboardia” workshop and event-agency DGV in Moscow. Now he focus on topics of interactive city festivals organization, urban planning and territorial development, alternative education. Always love to discovery and research worlds inside the people.

keywords of Sergey's activities
concert booking, festival organisation, urban planning, territorial development, alternative education

Sinta Wibowo (1978, Belgium) 
is fruit of the Banana Generation “yellow outside, white inside”, as her Chinese-Indonesian parents immigrated to Belgium in the 70’s. While studying marketing and economics, Sinta connected to a continuation of projects, festivals and art centres in the field of dance, theatre, performance, film and music. She feels best working closely with curators and artistic directors to realize their programs and ideas together with the artists, crew, partners and audience . In her work, she wonders and applies to give more body to inclusion, outreach and partnerships. Sinta migrates within East-West-Europe, Russia and South-East Asia and enjoys stimulating exchange of experience, knowledge and personal contacts.

Sinta worked for artists Amgod Dance Company - Brussels, Zita Swoon Band - antwerp, belgium, Art Centers Beursschouwburg, Flagey, Brussels, Belgium, and some 20 festivals around the world. among them Temps D’images Festival [2011, 2012, Romania], Sideways Walking Arts Festival [2012, Belgium], Singapore Arts Festival [2008, 2010, singapore], Youth Оlympics [2010, singapore], Summer of Antwerp [1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, Belgium], Asian Hot Shots Festival [2009, 2010, 2011, Berlin, Germany], Rotterdam International Film Festival [2004, 2006, 2010, 2012, Netherlands]

keywords of Sinta’s activities
festival development, coordination & production, press & communication, fundraising, partnerships & networks, outreach, travelling, coaching 
If you want to take part in this evening, please sent us your request by email:
Moscow, pr.Vernadskogo, 82, building 2, 2nd floor, Academy library
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