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Erwin van Tuijl
2013-10-25 | events, discussion, report, workshop

Headliner of the program "Design and newsworthiness in urban development" Erwin van Tuijl (Erasmus University Rotterdam) about results of the project and his impressions of the visit to Cardboardia.

From 9 till 12 October 2013, I visited Moscow for the development of a number joint activities. I was invited by Cardboardia with the support of a grant of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow. 

On the first day, Cardboardia organised a round table meeting among festival managers, owners of cultural spaces and policy makers. The round table dealt with the role of city festivals in urban development and the organisation of such festivals. Urban festivals is a relatively new, but fast growing, phenomenon in Moscow. As such, by organising a round table discussion, Cardboardia plays a major role in paying attention to relevant issues that play in society. The meeting was organised in order to explore the opportunities and pitfalls of festivals for urban development. I was invited to give a presentation about this topic based concrete examples from the Euricur/RHV study “A world of Events”.

The roundtable meeting can be regarded as successful as it attracted many participants, from both the public as well as the private sector. The discussion was moderated well and highlighted major issues in the organisation of festivals in Moscow, especially regarding the location of festival (in the city centre vs other districts), the role of new technologies in festivals and the societal value of events, besides the economic value. Seen the large number of participants and the discussion, it seems to be worth exploring these issues in more depth via other round table meetings and studies.

On the second day, I had the honour to give a guest lecture at the “Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning” in Moscow. For this lecture, Cardboardia invited not only students from this school, but also from other schools, bringing together different disciplines, such as economics, architecture and planning. This is important for students as a preparation on their future job where they are also often dealing with different disciplines.

The last days consisted of a workshop in which students were tasked to develop a large scale model cardboard town. Aim of the workshop was to simulate urban planning taking into account the interaction between various stakeholders as well as between individual buildings and the direct surroundings and the (card board) city as whole. My role in this ‘game’ was to judge proposals of students and to stimulate discussion between them. This Cardboardia training programme offers the right mix of education and entertainment. In an interactive way and via learning-by-doing students get insights in various aspects of urban planning. This programme has potential to be exported to other places as well, and I would be very happy to develop this initiative further. 

Erwin van Tuijl

Researcher Regional Economics

Erasmus University Rotterdam


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