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International Street Performance Lab
2014-03-18 | design internship, events, announcement

5 – 12 April 2014

International Street Performance Lab

"Mosckvich" Cultural Center (

project supported by Step Beyond Travel Grant (

 Made in Cardboardia (RU) and Motus Terrae Theatre Company (GR) are planning to launch an intensiveworkshop on the development of Street Performances. Therefore we would like to invite young actors and professionals to participate in one-week workshops on the following topics:

- "Performing on stilts" - Acrobatic technics and contact with the audience;

- "Costume creation" - The costume's role in interactive street performance.

In seven days we will develop an impressive Street Performance, which will be presented on the Cosmonautics Day on the 12th of April at Moskvich Cultural Center.  During this time the costume workshop's participants will focus on costume design and will get the basics of
theater costumes development, decoration and theatrical props creation. Participants of the "stilts" section will receive training on the development of body mobility and sense of rhythm, new acrobatic techniques and research newways of interacting with the audience.  

By the end of the lab, all participants will receive the following:

- New skills and practice in a real project;

- Materials for the portfolio;

- Certificate acknowledging participation in the Street Performance Lab;

- Opportunity to cooperate with Cardboardia in future.

Courses within the Lab will be taught by Spyros Andreopoulos (Actor and Director of Motus Terrae Theatre Company) and Olesya Kandalintseva (artist, designer, curator of internship program at "Made in Cardboardia").

Workshop participation is free, yet the number of places is limited. The study groups will be determinedaccording to the interviews' results.

Please forward your questions and inquiries to

Courses within the Lab will be taught by

Spyros Andreopoulos  (Performer and Director of Motus Terrae Theatre Company)

Βorn in 1978, in Athens, Greece. He studied theatre at Akis Dhavis’ Laboratory of Dramatic Art. In 2002 he travelled abroad and lived in Paris and Berlin, where he worked with foreign theatre companies such as L’ Arbre a Nomades, street theatre (FR), La Tete a l’Envers, puppet & physical theatre for children (FR), Grotest Maru, theatre in public space (DE), Les Gens D’Air, acrobatic street theatre (FR) and toured around the world. In 2007 he returned to Greece and he founded Motus Terrae Theatre Company, under whose label he creates shows in public space, site-specific performances, street theatre shows, as well as physical theatre productions. He is a member of International Theatre Institute (GR) since 2007.

Olesya Kandalintseva (Artist, Designer, Curator of internship program at Made in Cardboardia)

Born in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from High School of Landscape Architecture and Design in Moscow. In 2011 – 2012 she attended two summer study cycles at the Strelka Institute. Starting from January 2013 Olesya Kandalintseva is a curator of Made in Cardboardia internship. Up to now Olesya Kandalintseva implemented more than 20 projects as curator and artist.

About Cardboardia performances

Street performances are one of the favorite events at Cardboardia. In 2013 alone, we implemented 6large-scale projects and more than 20
medium-scale events. We make celebrations where performances are focused on interaction and mutual collaboration between professionals
and the audience. Artists from Russia, Holland, UK, Germany, US and Greece are frequent participants in Cardboardia's performances.

See the video about one of street performances! Moscow, july 2014, special for Bright people festival!

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