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Design and newsworthiness in urban development: Lecture and practical workshop by Erwin van Tuijl
2013-09-25 | design internship, events, announcement, festivals, lections, Netherlands, workshop

Discussion, lecture and workshop on Urban Studies
9-13 October 2013

As a part of its «Complete Cardboard» traineeship program «Made in Cardboardia» will host a set of open lectures and practical workshops dedicated to social and cultural development of modern city. Influence of the large scale interactive events and festivals on urban environment will be a focus topic for this set of events. The Activities will be conducted with the help and support of Erwin van Tuijl, invited expert in urban planning (the Netherlands).  

The project is arranged with the support of Russia – The Netherlands bilateral year of cooperation program. It is co-funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Moscow.

Participation is free, number of places is limited, preliminary registration required.


October 9th (Wednesday), 17-30, VHUTEMAS Gallery

“How do large-scale festivals influence urban development”. Round table event with the participation of organizers of large-scale city festivals (“The Best City on Earth”, “The Bright People”, “The World of Buses”, “The White Nights Festival in Perm”). Moderats by Maria Fadeeva.

Main language: English, Russian

October 10th (Thursday), 18-00, High School of Urban Studies

“Role of design in urban development”. Lecture by Erwin van Tuijl, visiting expert in urban planning from the Netherlands

Main language: English

October 11-13th, 11.00 - 19.00, Meridian Center of Arts and Culture

Workshop on the planning and development of cardboard town. This is the joint workshop by Erwin van Tuijl and “Made in Cardboardia” workshop. The participants will design and build the large scale model of cardboard town. The key points of design’ influence over the urban development will be analyzed during this workshop. The main task for the participants is to make the town more “readable” for residents and tourists.  

Main languages: English, Russian



Maria Fadeeva is a lecturer, curator and architectural observer. She works for a number of newspapers and journals like "Vedomosti. Friday", "Expert. Real Estate", "Afisha, "Artchronika" and "Project Russia". Maria Fadeeva is an initiator and coauthor of the "Freedom of access" educational project and NORDIC WOOD (ARCHIWOOD project) architectural festival. Previously Maria acted as a moderator and organizer of the Round table events at “Strelka”, “Eshkolot” and “Officenext”. In 2011 Maria Fadeeva acted as a curator for the architectural program of the 9th Materialization of Cardboardia.


Erwin van Tuijl is a lecturer and researcher from Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Most of his research projects are focused on the study of the role of industrial modernization and design in development of modern cities. Extensive coverage is also given to the influence of the festivals and other mass events on urban development in different parts of the world. In his research work Erwin van Tuijl uses case studies based on examples from Munich, Ostrava, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Turku, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Birmingham and Beijing.

Please forward your questions and inquiries to



To take part in events and activities of «Design and newsworthiness in urban development» please contact Olesya Kandalintseva, “Made in Cardboardia” traineeship curator: +7 903 588 32 53

To cooperate with us please contact Victoria Novikova, Head of “Made in Cardboardia”/Curator of Cardboardia project in Russia, Europe and Asia: +7 962 9467685



VHUTEMAS Gallery, Rojdestvenka street, 11

High School of Urban Studies, Pokrovski boulevard, 8

The Meridian Centre of Arts and Culture, Kaluzhskaya metro station, Profsoyuznaya street, 61


Sergej Korsakov, Tyran of Cardboardia, Head of «MadeinCardboardia» workshop:

Cardboardia has an international team. We work in different countries with people from various cultural backgrounds. We are convinced that experience sharing is a key to the implementation of most ambitious and innovative ideas. Within the framework of this event we would like to develop valuable communication platform and a place for meeting and experience sharing for the organizers of large-scale events”.


Olesya Kandalintseva, “Made in Cardboardia” traineeship curator:

«Made in Cardboardia» workshop holds permanent “Complete Cardboard” design traineeship, which allows participants to obtain basic skills on working with cardboard and to create objects, decorations, furniture, photo and video-stories. As a part of this traineeship program Cardboardia organizes special projects with the similar topics. The next such project will be implemented during the period from October 9th till October 13th in the form of Urbanistic workshop named «Design and newsworthiness in urban development»”.

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