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The Metamorphosis march for Day of Tyran’s Giant Creatures
2013-07-22 | global context, events, announcement, parade

In August of 2013 the city of Yilan (Taiwan) will host a Celebration of the Tyrant’s Giant Creatures!

For this special occasion, the Tyrant of Cardboardia has tasked his citizens to bring about a complete and radical change in the events, conditions and emotions of daily life.  To achieve this goal, the Cardboard Technological Research Laboratory has been established on the Island of Taiwan to investigate the transformation of ideas into objects, the transition between flat and multi-dimensional actions, and the movement between unconscious and conscious states.

The laboratory staff will be engaged in the preparation of the Grand Metamorphosis Procession, which will take place under the influence of the moon and several Dream Machines.  For this project, the Cardboardia Technological Research Laboratory will consist of the “Department of Natural Laws”, responsible for the creation of the Cardboard Moon, which will guide the procession, and the “Department of Irrationality” responsible for catalyzing movements of the unconsciousness.    

The Grand Metamorphosis Procession will be implemented in three phases:

PHASE 1: In the preparation stage (28 July – 10 August) the leading laboratory staff, together with Yilan trainees will design and implement large-scale cardboard objects that will alter the external environment and the internal states of people.  These objects will include The Cardboard Moon, The Waveform Dragon, Dream Machine and Great Hypnosis Pendulum.

PHASE 2: On August 10th the transition of the Grand Procession from a passive to active state will occur.  The Grand Metamorphosis Procession will be brought about by the citizens of Cardboardia with Yilan trainees and the help of all residents and visitors of Yilan City.

PHASE 2: At the culmination of the Grand Metamorphosis Procession, a massive final transformation will be attempted under the leadership of the honored reality transformer and Cardboardia citizen, Jason Webley.

Everyone can join the Cardboardia Tech Lab.  To participate in preparation and the Metamorphosis Procession itself, the Tyrant of Cardboardia invites all people wish to change their life conditions and work with cardboard.

To join Cardboard Tech Lab, please register at (in english):

The best interns of the Cardboardia Tech Team will be awarded with Carboardia Citizenship Permit. During the time of the Grand Metamorphosis Procession the best interns will also have the opportunity to serve in the position of the Deputy Tyrant of Cardboardia.

Glory to the Tyrant of Cardboardia!  Glory to the Tyrant’s Giant Creatures!

Forward with Transformations and Metamorphosis!
Forward to the Carboard Moon!

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