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Cardboardia Space Odyssey
2014-03-25 | events, announcement

April 12, 2014

Cardboardia Space Odyssey

12:30, free entrance and participation

“Moskvich" Cultural Center (

For the Cosmonautics Day, i.e. April 12, 2014, Personages of Cardboardia and interns of «Made in Cardboardia» workshop will develop and present their own version of the Space Odyssey together with Spyros Andreopoulos, Director and Founder of «Motus Terrae Theatre Company» from Greece. Flying and non-flying machines out of cardboard, workshops on cardboard space technologies, meetings with aliens and triumph of universal sense within the large-scale interactive performance for kids and adults!

Is it possible to overcome the borders of the solar system and other systems? How easy is it to make contact with other understanding forms of life? Join Cardboardia Personages on April 12th, 2014 at «Moskvich» Cultural Center in order to find out!!!

Project supported by Step Beyond Travel Grant (

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Cardboardia DIY Theatre in Riga
2014-06-25 | events, announcement, experiments, festivals, theatre

Jul 19th, Saturday from 11am till 4pm

Riga, Kalnciema Quarter, Kalnciemа 35 iela

Cardboardia DIY Theatre 
part of Paper Object Festival

Cardboardia is a country that cherishes its traditions and customs. Cardboardia’s Tyran, as the nation’s democratically elected leader, especially encourages manifestations of people’s collective creativity. We create the kind of spaces where each and every one can find a way to express herself or himself. They are also the spaces to make new friends and meet the old ones.

Just like respected states ought to, Cardboardia has a Ministry of Culture that coordinates the work of all national theatres, including the Cardboard Academic Theatre of Cardboardia. Late fall of 2013 was marked by the foundation of yet another theatre, the Cardboard DIY Theatre, that has its first international tour scheduled for Jul 19th in Riga, as a part of the Paper Object Festival.

Cardboardia DIY Theatre invites you to learn working with cardboard to make performances and stage plays. The invitation is open to everyone interested – parents with children, groups of people, loud or modest, grandmothers and grandfathers – everyone will have a chance to become a screenplay writer, decorator, actor, or director!

Cardboardia’s personages will tell the fascinating story of the home theatre, teach the science of creating with cardboard, and take part in the rehearsals. And of course we can all enjoy the plays created together, funny, absurd, or naïve.

If you are interested in ideas for engaging DIY activities and learning how to make a memorable family event, or simply want to spend an excellent time with your friends and your children – sign up and come to see us!

Click here to see the photos from the DIY Theatre’s premiere in Moscow.

The DIY theatre will be open from 11am till 4pm

There will be two groups:

Group 1 starts at 11am

Group 2 starts at 12pm

Performances start at 4pm

The workshop is free, yet we ask you to sign up in advance by filling the form below.

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Cardboardia Embassy in Riga
2014-07-02 | events, announcement, workshops
In the early beginning of 2014 the Tyran of Cardboardia approved a road map for expanding the country's international relations over the next 5 years. The first step to be taken is to open the european embassy of Cardboardia in Riga, Latvia.
As the Tyran's administration representatives assure, embassy's major function would be to facilitate meetings at the summit, holding Cardboardia's national celebrations, and promote materializations of Cardboard Towns across the EU countries.
A number of cultural events are to be held each year. The projects will be carried out by the general contractor of the Tyran's administration, "Made in Cardboardia" creative studio that will open a workshop as a part of the embassy.
Cardboardia's personages are determined to strengthen cultural ties with the countires of the Baltic region, with focus on Latvia.
Tyran is personally directing the opening of the embassy and will thus be making an extended visit to Riga. We will be delighted to welcome the press and everyone else interested in establishing contact to the embassy between Jul 20th and 26th.
Thank you for reaching us at +7 916 650 7360 and making an appointment beforehand.
A special event
Jul 19th, (Paper Object Festival, Kalnciema Quarter, Kalnciema 35 iela) we invite you to a performance of Cardbodia's DIY Theatre. It is a theatre created and run by the audience.

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Cardboardia’s Street Performance Lab in the Netherlands
2014-07-12 | events, announcement, festivals, workshops

AUG 26th - AUG 31st 2014, 12pm to 7pm

Cardboardia’s Intensive Street Performance Lab 

@ Spoffin Festival in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Venue for workshop: Kunsthal KAdE, Smallepad 3

Personages of Cardboardia are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to create big, perform loud and parade the streets of Amersfoort!

If you want to learn creating with cardboard or get better at what you already know; if you are looking for a powerful experience, for being a part of a large creative project and making new friends - join us at the Lab!

The Lab has two major Modules:

Module 1 - Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances

Module 2 - Street performance and communication with the public for beginners

Throughout the several days of our intensive Lab we will create a large-scale interactive space and prepare a city parade of cardboard awesomeness.

In Module 1, designers will learn basic and advanced techniques of creating costumes, decorations and objects from cardboard. The program could be particularly interesting for artists and architects, school teachers and designers.

Those who take part in Module 2 will go through the entire cycle of preparing a city event - adapting the concept to the location, preparation and management. The module is curated by a brilliant street theater director, so we especially welcome stilt walkers and other performing artists to take part. You will learn the basics of interaction with the audiences, exchange stilt walking and performing experience and get to improvise in a new eclectic team.

The Lab will end in a series of performances throughout 28-31 of August.

Curators of the Street Performance Lab are:

Spyros Andreopoulus (actor, director, stilt performer, founder of Motus Terrae Theatre Company) and Olesya Kandalintseva (artist, designer, workshop curator at Made in Cardboardia).

Participation in the Lab is free, yet the number of participants is limited. Groups will be formed following the results of online interviews.

Lab participants will need to take care of their daily expenses and costs of travel and stay in Amersfoort (Netherlands).

In order to take part in the Lab you need to fill out the application form, complete a test piece and receive the confirmation from the curator.

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Parade of Dreams directed by the Tyran in Netherlands
2014-07-12 | events, announcement, festivals, parade, workshop

AUG 26th - AUG 31st 2014

Festival SpoffinNetherlands 

workshop from 15-00 to 17-00 at Kunsthal KAdE, Smallepad 3

Parade start after 17-00 and we will move to HOF square with performances till 18-30

By late August of this year, in the low countries of Amersfoort there shall be a Parade of Dreams directed by the Tyran of Cardboardia.

The time has come when the Tyran of Cardboardia officially announced the expansion of influence of his phantasies. "We must ensure fertile soil for the fruit of my imagination. This garden shall flourish in every corner of the Earth!" - Tyran commented in an interview. The leader of the nation promised to make available to the blessed public the most exquisite corners of his kingly mind. At his command the craftsmen of Made in Cardboardia built the Dream Machine. The machine emits somnifacient radiation that induces daydreaming in humans. The dreams they start having materialize without fail.

This summer us the first time in history when the Dream machine is installed and launched in a European country.

The machine's somnifacient radiation shall be popularized among the population by the Minister of Education, the Minister or Culture and the Minister of Cardboard of Cardboardia. Every one of them has been appointed to implement the "Make your dream" program amongst the citizens and guests of the Netherlands.

In the meantime, a group of Cardboardia personages infested with ideas of opposition, united with a professional group of awakers known as "Wake Up" are doing their best to emphasize the dangerous effect of daydreaming and prepare a move to awaken the dormant masses. 

The confrontation of "Make your Dream" and "Wake Up" will the the crescendo final point of the Intensive Street Performace Lab.

The Metamorphosis march, Yilan (Taiwan), 2013

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