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Cardboardia parade on Spoffin (NL) (video)
2014-10-22 | , events

Cardboardia parade on Spoffin (NL) from Stories from Cardboardia on Vimeo.

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Cardboardia’s project lab on The Moscow International Education Fair 2015.
2015-03-17 | design internship, events

CAI and Tyran

From 6 to 17 April in the "Made in Cardboardia" workhop will be held a series of design workshops for artists, designers, directors, and  the most importantly - people with disabilities and teachers working in this area, which will result in the creation of a unique space and performance.

The premiere of the performance will be at April 17 on  The Moscow International Education Fair 2015 on the festival "Nadezhda" ("Hope").

Program Partners: "Academic" Cultural center and the program of the Moscow Department of Culture  "Together we are wizards."  "First Library of City Stories"

Special guests and workshops curators - joint creative project of american artists Patty Mitchell and Daniel Polnau (Collaborative Art International), which together with local communities around the world are working to create fantastic giant sculptures and installations from improvised materials: plastic, cardboard, wood and textiles

 A series of workshops will include:

- The creation of objects, scenery and costumes

- Formation of the game environment;

- The basics of product design;

- The basics of the organization of events;

- Development of program for a wide audience events ;

- communication

- The methods of working with people with disabilities;

- Team building;

Dates: 6 – 17 of April, 2015, daily from 11-00 to 19-00.

Place: The First Library for Urban Story's, Department of children's reading and intellectual development (Children's library №25), Krasnogvardeyskiy br, 1 (Metro "1905 goda" or "Vystavochnaya")

Quota is limited. Place, date and time of the interview is assigned in response to a completed application form online

or you can just email your request for participation on

Final Event: 17 of April, The Moscow International Education Fair 2015.

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Join the Cardboardia's Performance Lab in Derry (Northern Ireland)
2015-03-18 | design internship, events

Cardboardia Performance LAb

Join Cardboardia's Street Performance Lab in Derry/Londonderry

May 16 (Saturday) – 24 (Sunday) 2015, 11am to 7pm
As part of the Peoples' Republic of Creativity during Voluntary Arts Week

Personages of Cardboardia are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to create big, perform loud and parade the streets of Derry!

If you want to learn how to create characters and worlds with cardboard or get better at what you already know; if you are looking for a powerful experience, or be a part of a large creative project and make new friends - apply below and join us at the Lab!

The Lab has two major Modules:

Module 1 - Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances

Module 2 - Street performance and communication with the public for beginners

Throughout the several days of our intensive Lab we will create a large-scale interactive space and prepare a city parade of cardboard awesomeness.

In Module 1, designers will learn basic and advanced techniques of creating costumes, decorations and objects from cardboard. The program could be particularly interesting for artists and architects, school teachers and designers.

Those who take part in Module 2 will go through the entire cycle of preparing a city event - adapting the concept to the location, preparation and management. The module is curated by a brilliant street theater director, so we especially welcome stilt walkers and other performing artists to take part. You will learn the basics of interaction with the audiences, exchange stilt walking and performing experience and get to improvise in a new eclectic team.

The Lab will end in a series of performances on 23 and 24 of May.

Curators of the Street Performance Lab are:  Mathijs Stegink, NL (artists, animator, trainer and teacher), Olesya Kandalintseva, Rus (artist, designer, workshop curator at Made in Cardboardia), Wolfgang Hauck (street theater director, stilts walker, homeopath).

Participation in the Lab is free, yet the number of participants is limited. Groups will be formed following the results of online interviews.

Lab participants will need to take care of their daily expenses and costs of travel and stay in Derry/Londonderry (Northern Ireland).

In order to take part in the Lab you need to fill out the application form, complete a test piece and receive the confirmation from the curator.

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Endless Cardboard Town for Toy's construction
2015-05-10 | Cardboard, events

#cardboardtown #cardboardia #cardboard #workshop #handmade #madeincardboardia #children

We would like to invite you to participate in 

Endless Cardboard Town for Toy's construction

Address: Krasnogvardeysky boulevard, 1 ( "Ulitsa 1905 goda" or "Vystavochnaya" metro station), at Children's Library number 25


Wednesday - Friday - 12.00 - 19.00 (except holidays)

Saturday and Sunday - 12.00 – 17.00 (except holidays)

Monday and Tuesday are days off.

For reference, call: +7 926 499 22 70 Natalia Babushkina, the First Governor of Cardboardia

Please check Vkontakte Event - you can post photos of your work there!

We are constantly asked: "Can we visit your workshop with children to work with cardboard and make something together?" Usually we answer, that our production is private, and only adults can participate in internship projects. But you wanted it so much that we decided to open an area you can visit almost every day.

1st of April, 2015 Cardboardia Personages open the constantly working living exposition in “Made in Cardboardia” workshop that can be visited by children of all ages and their parents in order to construct the model of the Cardboard Town together. Every constructor can materialize his dreams in any building, monument, transport or personage and thus become a co-author by asking himself, how the town of his dreams looks like.

Moreover, you can bring old tiny toys, exchange with other licensed constructors and settle them in our town.

Timofey Moskovkin, the honored personage of Cardboardia at the order of Tyran is appointed to the post of the First architect of the Cardboard Town for Toys! He is to create the basic town infrastructure and help beginners to realize their timid projects!

The construction site has been working under experimental conditions and waiting for all comers from 1 April, 2015.

Only over-5 years old licensed specialists are allowed to construct. Only one specialist can work under one license.

The construction License for three hours running costs 500 rub.

The construction License for 1 hour costs 250 rub.

For groups of 10 people and more the cost of one construction License is 350 rub. for a person.

For school groups we give 45-minute classes at weekdays. In this case the License costs 250 rub, and all comers should register beforehand.

You can buy tickets online:

Please be reminded: you can bring your own tiny toys for settling them in the town!


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Full cardboard addiction internship program
2015-05-17 | design internship, events

festiaval #fun #cardboard #design #workshop #streetperformance #cardbordia

July-August, 2015 Cardboardia Personages are going to realize several projects in different countries around the Europe and invite everyone to join their free and variously directed internship programs.

Under the guidance of Tyran, Minister of Education and Minister of Circus announce an opportunity to join them in order to prepare and carry out street performances. We will be creating cardboard objects and costumes, making up stories, learning to mix with audience, walking on stilts, joking silly, solving organizational issues. In the course of our work we'll take part in several Cardboardia street performance on different festivals.

Preliminary schedule

Latvia, Riga (10-20 July and 28 July - 10 August), “Made in Cardboardia” workshop

Poland, Lublin (21-27 July), Carnaval

Denmark, Randers and Frederiksberg (11-24 August), Gade Teater Festival




Participation is free and without compulsion, after preliminary interview! Participants are to bear their daily expenses and travel costs on their own. You can join the full-term project or just a part of it, but not less than one week period.

At different stages of project realization we lay emphasis on different aspects of it. Upon filling your application form please point out the area you prefer most, so we can recommend you the optimum course. For all questions, please contact the Administration of Cardboardia:

There are no more than 4 open positions at a time. Age 18 up.

Please fill out the application form for your interview:

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