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Cardboardia Laboratory’s 2017
2017-04-18 | design internship, events

Prime Bureaucrat of Cardboardia calling!

Open call for participation in Cardboardia Laboratory’s 2017 

During the Summer and Autumn of 2017 we are planning some exciting projects and are happy to share the experience! We will materialize different stupid ideas – you can expect a lot of work with cardboard, planning games and events, you can carry stuff, perform and communicate!  If you want to become a Personage of Cardboardia (citizen) – please join our internship!


25 October - 9 November 2017 - International Mardin Children and Youth Theatre Festival, Turkey (registration is open)

26-30 September - Coventry (UK) - Moat House community center, Festival of Imagineers

20-24 September - Redcar (UK) - Festival od Thrift (registration closed)

12-16 September - Dagenham (London, UK) ThamesFest featuring Silk River (registration closed)

8-16 August – Budapesht (Hungary) – Sziget Festival (registration closed)

18-30 July – Ramsgate  (UK) – Ramsgate festival (registration closed)

13-18 June – Birmingham (UK) – Summer in Southside festival (registration closed)


Carboardia Laboratory workshop is opening enrollment for unique internship that includes two modules:

Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances" -  design of performance, creation of big and small objects, creation of cardboard and paper costumes - under the leadership of the Minister of Education of Cardboardia, Olesya Kandalintseva.

Module 2 - "Street performance, communication and interaction with the public" - interaction, performance, management of big scale events - under the leadership of Tyran of Cardboardia, Sergey Korsakov.  

Who may be interested?

Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances"

We invite to participate: beginning artists, designers, architects, photographers, students and everyone who is interested in making art. Take part in our intensive practical course - which will teach you the basics of cardboard-modelling and making performances with people. The course is ideal as a practice internship for students.

Module 2 - "Street performance, organization and communication with public for beginners"

Suitable for actors, performers, directors, clowns as well as event managers/producers who would like both get a new interesting  experience of  creating performance from the very beginning and improvisation and take part in the organization of the process. Organizers who would like to develop skills interacting with the public in the process of street and spectacle performance are welcome to apply. Your training in performance and management is considered but not critical in our selection. 

This is an opportunity to take part in creating real projects where you will deliver unexpected tasks with delightful consequences.  The way you are involved in participation depends on your desires, talents and diligence. For the experienced specialists the internship can become a base for experiments, public realization of art plans, research for new directions. For the students and beginners the internship can become an opportunity to make first steps and a place where you will be evaluated by your results, not your diploma and portfolio.

What we are doing

During our internship program participants will learn and improve their skills: 

-      creating a visual concept of objects/costumes

-      sketching 

-      making objects

-      working with cardboard

-      working up some plans of realisation an actions

-      making a script of an action based on offering conception

-      realisation of an action according to script

-      public performance, improvisation and communication with the audience


If you want to join you need:

-      fill out the application form online -

-      accomplish a task, that you will receive within 10 days after sending the form

-      go through online interview (time and date will be confirmed individually) - optional

-      arrive to place of internship according confirmed schedule.

Participation is free. 

Participants are responsible for their own food and travel costs to place of internship. The project schedule will be specified during the online interview.

Participants travelling from overseas are responsible for any necessary travel visas. 

According to the results of internship our participants get a chance to become part or full-time members of "Made in Cardboardia team"- in UK, Europe or Russia.

It limited numbers of participants we accept, please fill out this online form:

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Cardboardia Animal Farm. Birmingham. Join
2017-05-03 | design internship, events

Animal Farm

Cardboardia Mobile Embassy-farm in UK

at Town’s countryside during Summer in Southside festival!

17 and 18 June 12-00 to 17.30pm (free entry), Ladywell Walk, Birmingham (UK)

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary this year! 2017 has another very important date in world history – the one hundredth anniversary of the October Social Revolution in Russia!

We’ve decided to combine these 2 remarkable and historical dates and create a series happenings and celebrations throughout this year.

The first Mobile Cardboardia Embassy of 2017 will open in the UK in Birmingham as part of Southside Summer Festival. One of the best texts about the repercussions of the revolution in Russia was ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell, a British author. 

We've decided to create a Cardboardia Animal Farm – with pigs and fences, combining the mixed feelings of safety in cages and with closeness of death.

Like a bright final we propose to form columns of not prepared demonstration in glory of George Orwell!

We are planning to bring the countryside into the urban city centre environment, near the Hippodrome right on Ladywell Walk! We will be making masks to feel like counterfeit animals and designing cardboard garden tools to become fake farmers!  Only we will won’t be making our Animal Farm to grow food, but to cultivate crazy ideas together! 

You too can become a Cardboardia personage and farmer and join our team in advance to help us develop our unique town based farm! To join the Cardboardia Laboratory for 5 days please fill in this form, we look forward to meeting you!

Cardboardia laboratory from 14 June at Studio 5 (prior registration needed). From 11am to 20pm.

If some question’s please email to

More about Cardboardia -

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Cardboardia Film Studio on Sziget Festival
2017-06-11 | events

Cardboardia Film Studio

The filming studio of Cardboardia will be in creation mode during five days of the Sziget festival ( Each day we will be creating a unique universe and shooting stories, inspired by a variety of film genres. Great themes such as zombie apocalypse, love stories, war epics, prison escape adventures and superheroes sagas will be the canvas for the scenes to shoot with the audience.

We will create a multifunctional space (shooting studio, props and costumes workshop area and open air set) where anyone can become - alternately or simultaneously - set designer, props and costume maker or movie hero. Everyone will have the chance to create their own personage and join the shooting sessions and be part of the new ingenious plan of famous and absolutely inexperienced film director Tyran of Cardboardia (Russia) and his assistant and right hand - Cardboardia’s Minister of Circus & Circumstances (Greece).

On a daily schedule from 11am to 6pm, the about-to-become-celebrities members of the Sziget audience will be able to:

  • work with cardboard on props creation, mask and costume making, set construction.
  • join rehearsal sessions, where we will try to create the unique stories and personages.
  • take part in the actual shooting of their stories and bring their heroes to life.
  • be a member of the daily Cardboardia Film EPIC scene shooting! A procession in the festival’s main roads, where the epic scenes for our movies will be being shot each day.

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and this year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! The year 2017 is marking some other very important dates in world history as well – the 25th year of festival Sziget foundation in Hungary!  

We are uniting to celebrate both this remarkable dates! Tyran of Cardboardia, following the precepts of some forbidden now philosopher and mind changer, who already century ago ago  said that cinematograph is the most important of the arts, sees a beautiful chance to check this within a music and multidisciplinary arts festival that is Sziget.

Video from Cardboardia Parade on Spoffin Festival:

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Cardboardia Mobile Bio Laboratory
2017-08-26 | design internship, events

Cardboardia Bio Laboratory


Mobile Cardboardia Bio Laboratory at Festival of Thrift 2017

23 and 24 September, Saturday and Sunday

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and we're celebrating our tenth anniversary this year!  Our state is independent and not connected with any natural resources, just people's creative energy! We are always searching for new creative energy supplies in humanoid form! This year to uncover new supplies we are developing the new science of Foolosophy.

Personages of Cardboardia in September 2017 will be launching a unique experiment! Absolutely inexperienced in biology and neurosurgery, Tyran of Cardboardia and Minster of Education will try new, not direct contact technology to get straight into the minds of people and plant the seeds of good mood for everyone who wants to become a subject for the advancement of Foolosophy!

Together with all experimental specimens we will cultivate seeds and carefully grow it during the next 12 months from Festival of Thrift 2017 to Festival of Thrift 2018! In September 2018 we are planning to come back, check the results and harvest pure happiness!

If you want to join us as a foolosophy scientist, assistant or laborant please join our workshop on 21 and 22 September, check information and register here:

Cardboardia - State of Mind!


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Official Cardboardia Orchestra. Imagineers!
2017-09-22 | , events

Cardboardia is a country without territory. It was founded 10 years ago and we're celebrating our tenth anniversary this year! Our state is independent and not connected with any natural resources, just people's creative energy! We are always searching for new creative energy supplies in humanoid form!

This year in Cardboardia’s laboratories we are research sounds a lot. It connected to our invention Alchemical Music Box ( To celebrate Cardboardia 10th Anniversary much more loud Personages of Cardboardia decide to create Official Cardboardia Orchestra! The Tyran, elected leader of the country, put forward his candidacy to direct this process!

During 4 days in Coventry workshop our task is to create the strangest and most beautiful Orchestra in a world and we will present it on 30 September on Festival of Imagineers!

See the final walk-about in Coventry University Square 1.45pm and 3.30pm Saturday 30 September.

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