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Miniature Cardboard Town
2013-11-30 | events, announcement, experiments, Made in Cardboardia, theatre

January 3rd12th, 2014

“Made in Cardboardia” workshop.

Developing the miniature town of Cardboardia layout.

Every day from 12.00 till 19.00 for kids and adults of all ages.


Every year Santa Claus gives presents to kids and adults. But has he ever received any present himself? The Tyran of Cardboardia has made up his mind to make Santa Claus happy by building for him the miniature Cardboard town!!! This town will be beautiful and will definitely have the New Year mood!!! Tyran of Cardboardia invites kids and adults, who are getting presents from Ded Moroz, to pay the tribute and join the construction of the most amazing gift for the most generous personage in the world!

For the period of New Year holidays we would like to invite boys and girls and their parents to the “Made in Cardboardia” workshop! Everyone can fantasize about an image of the town for Santa Claus as well as to learn working with cardboard, find new friends and have a super fun time with the Personages of Cardboardia and personally meet the Tyran of Cardboardia!


Meridian Center of Arts and Culture

Moscow, m. Kaluzhskaja, ul. Profsoyuznaya, 61, “Made in Cardboardia” workshop


if quastiions please email:


Tickets can be purchased in advance at the box office of the Meridian Center of Arts and Culture, or on the date of arrival.

Tickets: child: 400 rubles, adult: 100 rubles

Ticket for the whole period, child: 1100 rubles, adult: 250 rubles

Attendance time within one day is not limited 

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Cardboardia DIY Theatre in Riga
2014-06-25 | events, announcement, experiments, festivals, theatre

Jul 19th, Saturday from 11am till 4pm

Riga, Kalnciema Quarter, Kalnciemа 35 iela

Cardboardia DIY Theatre 
part of Paper Object Festival

Cardboardia is a country that cherishes its traditions and customs. Cardboardia’s Tyran, as the nation’s democratically elected leader, especially encourages manifestations of people’s collective creativity. We create the kind of spaces where each and every one can find a way to express herself or himself. They are also the spaces to make new friends and meet the old ones.

Just like respected states ought to, Cardboardia has a Ministry of Culture that coordinates the work of all national theatres, including the Cardboard Academic Theatre of Cardboardia. Late fall of 2013 was marked by the foundation of yet another theatre, the Cardboard DIY Theatre, that has its first international tour scheduled for Jul 19th in Riga, as a part of the Paper Object Festival.

Cardboardia DIY Theatre invites you to learn working with cardboard to make performances and stage plays. The invitation is open to everyone interested – parents with children, groups of people, loud or modest, grandmothers and grandfathers – everyone will have a chance to become a screenplay writer, decorator, actor, or director!

Cardboardia’s personages will tell the fascinating story of the home theatre, teach the science of creating with cardboard, and take part in the rehearsals. And of course we can all enjoy the plays created together, funny, absurd, or naïve.

If you are interested in ideas for engaging DIY activities and learning how to make a memorable family event, or simply want to spend an excellent time with your friends and your children – sign up and come to see us!

Click here to see the photos from the DIY Theatre’s premiere in Moscow.

The DIY theatre will be open from 11am till 4pm

There will be two groups:

Group 1 starts at 11am

Group 2 starts at 12pm

Performances start at 4pm

The workshop is free, yet we ask you to sign up in advance by filling the form below.

read more..

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