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Cardboardia national celebration. Taiwan. 2013.
2013-07-09 | global context, events, personages, cardboard

 Day of Tyran's Giant Creatures

Cardboardia national celebration

Day of Tyran’s Giant Creatures

during Yilan International Lohas Festival 2013

28 july - 10 august, Chongsheng St.Yilan City, 11-00 - 17-00

The Country of Cardboardia can boast very strong traditions! For the second year we are now going to have our National Celebration - "Day of Tyran’s Giant Creatures”. In 2012 we celebrated it in Gorky Park, in the City of Moscow. This year personages of Cardboardia will hold the celebration on the island of Taiwan on a usual large-scale extent from June 28th until August 10th. 

We are inviting residents and guests of Yilan city to join Cardboardia personages for the creation of Giant Creatures and Smaller Creatures, so that on 10th of August several thousand people could attend the Celebration and the Grand Parade in honor of Yilan city and commemorate presence of Cardboardia at the International Lohas Festival 2013. 

Everyone can join workshop, creation of objects, costumes and masks from cardboard supported by Cardboardia personages.  Please note that number of places is limited. Workshop will take place at the following address:
No.4, Chongsheng St.Yilan City, Yilan County 26043 Taiwan (ROC)

Cardboardia is a country without territory but with a very creative population. Wherever we come to build Cardboard towns or to organize Parades, Performances and Celebrations we are inviting all and everyone to join us in order to share creative experience in designing, building and improvising with cardboard and ideas. Join us to experiment and explore the amazing world of cardboard! Create, Earn, Play! Make your artistic dreams come true with Cardboardia!

You can forward your questions in English to the Tyran of Cardboardia at 

To register please fill in an online form. 

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2012-01-01 | personages, contacts, info

ardboardia, materializations of Cardboard Town 

Tyran of Cardboardia
+7 916 650 73 60


Event-agency "DGV"
Workshop "Made in Cardboardia"

Victoria Novikova
+7 962 946 76 85 
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Interview with Tyran of Cardboardia
2012-12-21 | personages, interview, talks with friends

Interview with Tyran of Cardboardia made by

"Sergey Korsakov (aka the Tyran of Cardboardia) is the creator and curator ofCardboardia, a social network that organizes Cardboard Towns - some city festivals with social effect. A lot of questions and a lot of answers below. Many thanks to Sergey who helped us understand more about all these happenings.

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Cardboardia about
2001-01-01 | about us, personages, info

Cardboardia is an independent community of artists, performers, event managers and experts with various backgrounds from Russia, USA, UK, the Netherlands other countries. We design, create and experiment with both the most unbelievable and the very practical ideas in relation to the organization of public spaces and events.

Cardboardia is a country without a territory but with a functioning political and economic system. The members of the community or “Personages of Cardboardia”, are the majority of the country’s population - now reaching several tens of thousands of people.

The political system of Cardboardia is Tyranny!. Administration of Cardboardia is represented by the Tyran and his wife Prime Victoria. It is they who provoke and coordinate the activities of the numerous ministries, divisions and departments which are headed by Personages of Cardboardia.

Cardboardia country comes into being during the materialization of Cardboardia. At the invitation of other states and nations, personages of Cardboardia build large scale Cardboard towns. Each Cardboard town has a local currency, the ‘Bad Taste’, as well as a powerful and senseless bureaucracy. Each Cardboard town is open for tourists and for potential new residents. Anyone willing to can officially join the population of Cardboardia through the receipt of a Cardboardia Personages (Citizenship) Permit. Anyone can become an owner of immobile and mobile cardboard property or implement their own project within the area of the town’s creative economy. 

National holidays and celebrations are extremely popular among residents and tourists to Cardboardia. Either by their own initiative or by invitation from other countries and organizations personages of Cardboardia arrange large scale parades, cardboard tube fights and unique themed parties. For the preparation of Parades and parties as well as for promotion of fun, the Tyran usually opens the borders to all those who are willing to take part.

The Cardboardia Administration is ready to discuss opportunities and options to arrange events in your Region. For various presentations on programs, parades and parties arranged by Cardboardia please go to CARDBOARDIA EVENTS.

Cardboardia is the world’s biggest exporter of designer made cardboard furniture and decorations. Anyone from any part of the world can order unique useful and useless objects for home and public space at MadeinCardboardia. To find out more and to order cardboard furniture and decorations please go to MADE IN CARDBOARDIA.

The Prime Victoria’s  House (DGV) is an event agency and a part of Cardboardia community. To find out more about the programs and to order a family celebration or a corporate event please go to PRIME VICTORIA HOUSE.

Personages of Cardboardia are always willing to share their experience and achievements. For rumors and news about our community go to PERSONAGES. For updates on public art and design go to GLOBAL CONTEXT.

Cardboardia is an open community. Everyone can learn, work, communicate and have fun in Cardboardia. For updates and reports from our events and for vacancy announcements go to EVENTS.  

To find out about the Partners of Cardboardia Administration go to FRIENDS.

To contact Cardboardia Administration please go to CONTACTS.

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Interview with Tyran: How Urban Development Can Turn into a Celebration
2013-11-28 | personages, cardboardia for citizen, interview

For the past five years, Cardboardia has mainly grown due to the enthusiasm of its members in finding tools for the development of new areas. The founders of Cardboardia - music producer and journalist Sergei Korsakov (presently the ‘Tyran of Cardboardia’), and legal consultant Victoria Novikova – have come very close to creating an innovative educational program in urban planning for university students. This program is planned to be implemented in cooperation with the Department of Spatial Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The International cultural project called ‘Cardboardia’ has been designed as a country without borders. All participants of the project are actual residents of this unique and amazing country. The construction of Cardboard towns, which usually takes around two weeks in towns and cities in Russia and other countries, is called «Cardboardia town materialisation».  As Tyran  of Cardboardia told us: «A Cardboard town is a good opportunity to experiment with ideas ». How does the experiment turn into a reality that can profoundly change our lives? We have talked about this with Tyran.

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