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Design and newsworthiness in urban development: Lecture and practical workshop by Erwin van Tuijl
2013-09-25 | design internship, events, announcement, festivals, lections, Netherlands, workshop

Discussion, lecture and workshop on Urban Studies
9-13 October 2013

As a part of its «Complete Cardboard» traineeship program «Made in Cardboardia» will host a set of open lectures and practical workshops dedicated to social and cultural development of modern city. Influence of the large scale interactive events and festivals on urban environment will be a focus topic for this set of events. The Activities will be conducted with the help and support of Erwin van Tuijl, invited expert in urban planning (the Netherlands).  

The project is arranged with the support of Russia – The Netherlands bilateral year of cooperation program. It is co-funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Moscow.

Participation is free, number of places is limited, preliminary registration required.

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Erwin van Tuijl
2013-10-25 | events, discussion, report, workshop

Headliner of the program "Design and newsworthiness in urban development" Erwin van Tuijl (Erasmus University Rotterdam) about results of the project and his impressions of the visit to Cardboardia.

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Parade of Dreams directed by the Tyran in Netherlands
2014-07-12 | events, announcement, festivals, parade, workshop

AUG 26th - AUG 31st 2014

Festival SpoffinNetherlands 

workshop from 15-00 to 17-00 at Kunsthal KAdE, Smallepad 3

Parade start after 17-00 and we will move to HOF square with performances till 18-30

By late August of this year, in the low countries of Amersfoort there shall be a Parade of Dreams directed by the Tyran of Cardboardia.

The time has come when the Tyran of Cardboardia officially announced the expansion of influence of his phantasies. "We must ensure fertile soil for the fruit of my imagination. This garden shall flourish in every corner of the Earth!" - Tyran commented in an interview. The leader of the nation promised to make available to the blessed public the most exquisite corners of his kingly mind. At his command the craftsmen of Made in Cardboardia built the Dream Machine. The machine emits somnifacient radiation that induces daydreaming in humans. The dreams they start having materialize without fail.

This summer us the first time in history when the Dream machine is installed and launched in a European country.

The machine's somnifacient radiation shall be popularized among the population by the Minister of Education, the Minister or Culture and the Minister of Cardboard of Cardboardia. Every one of them has been appointed to implement the "Make your dream" program amongst the citizens and guests of the Netherlands.

In the meantime, a group of Cardboardia personages infested with ideas of opposition, united with a professional group of awakers known as "Wake Up" are doing their best to emphasize the dangerous effect of daydreaming and prepare a move to awaken the dormant masses. 

The confrontation of "Make your Dream" and "Wake Up" will the the crescendo final point of the Intensive Street Performace Lab.

The Metamorphosis march, Yilan (Taiwan), 2013

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Cardboardia week workshop in Slough (UK)
2018-05-01 | workshop, workshops

Cardboardia Mobile Embassy in Slough

Cardboardia Mobile Embassy: Come and meet your ideal world in Slough

From 26 to 29 June we will setup Mobile Cardboardia Embassy in Slough to present culture of Cardboardia on 30 June for the Streets Alive 2018 Festival.

Imagine if you could build your ideal world. What would you make? What would it look like? What characters and people would you see? Who would you be? And where would you be?

Cardboardia is a country without territory, but with own traditions, rules, economic and political systems. Personages (citizens) of Cardboardia materialised thier country around the globe. We build towns, setup Embassys and  celebrate national hollidays on territory's of friendly countries - Russia, Latvia, Poland, Taiwan, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary and UK.

On opening a Mobile Cardboardia Embassy in the centre of Slough we are planning a premiere of the Official Cardboardia Orchestra - with wonderful imaginative instruments from across the world. Help create a carnival of cardboard creations. The Tyran of Cardboardia will oversee events and lead a procession of people through the town to create a carnival atmosphere on 30 June between 12am – 4pm

Whether you’re an artist, a builder, a performer or a policeman, we’d like to invite you to join us on Slough’s High Street to meet and join the Citizens or Personages of Cardboardia!

 How to Get Involved

There are three ways to get involved:

1. Join us for a 2 hour public workshop on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 from 6pm - 8pm. Email to get involved. For everyone aged      14+. Just 20 places.    

2. Join us on the day for a workshop - and participate and play in our Official Cardboardia Orchestra on Saturday 30 June 10am - 6pm,        to say you’re coming. All ages.

3. Apply to join the Cardboardia Internships and learn new skills from Tuesday 26 - Friday 29 June 11am - 7pm, and on Saturday 30 June 10am - 6pm.    Readmore below and sign up online. Ages 18+.

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Cardboardia street performance Lab in Arkhangelsk (Russia)
2018-05-10 | workshop

Cardboardia Orchestra

Here is open call for everyone who wishes to take part in “Made in Cardboardia” workshop programme 16-24 June in the framework of  the XXIV International Festival of Street Theatres  in Arkhangelsk (Russia).

From 16 June we will developing Official Cardboardia Orchestra show to present together on the International Festival of Street Theatres that will be held this year in Arkhangelsk from 19 to 23 June. The festival opens with a carnival procession along the Northern Dvina. Each day the city will turn into one big open-air scene.  Illusionists, swindlers, magicians, clowns will coexist with musicians from Spain, drummers from Colombia and street theaters.

Personages of Cardboardia are preparing the tour of Official Cardboardia Orchestra which was founded at the "Festival of Imagineers" (Coventry, UK) last year. The improvised Official Orchestra of Cardboardia caused a storm of emotions, because the performers tried to make a high classical work of art, and at the same time did not have any opportunities for this. An action that can unite people to create something together is the ultimate aim of personages of Cardboardia. This creative process is the core of our workshop, which is hold in two directions:

Module 1. Performance Design

Module curator: Olesya Kandalintseva (Minister of Education)

we will research some basic skills of working with cardboard, developing the concept of objects and set design.

Module 2. Street performance, organization and communication with public for beginners

Module curator: Sergey Korsakov (Tyran of Cardboardia)

Together we will learn how to plan an event and create an event scenario based on a proposed concept.  We will acquire public speaking skills and develop way of communication with an audience.

WHEN: 16-24 June 2018 from 11am to 8pm.

If you want to get and give a lot from this time, we count on your participation and full engagement in workshop and event process. But if you have any circumstances for this dates, feel free to indicate it in advance and we will take it into consideration individually.

WHERE: Arkhangelsk, Russia, venue TBA

WHO may be interested:

Module 1 - "Performance design: costumes, props and objects for interactive performances"

We invite to participate: beginning artists, designers, architects, photographers, students and everyone who is interested in making art. Take part in our intensive practical course - which will teach you the basics of cardboard-modelling and making performances with people. The course is ideal as a practice internship for students.

 Module 2 - "Street performance, organization and communication with public for beginners"

Suitable for actors, performers, directors, clowns as well as event managers/producers who would like both get a new interesting  experience of creating performance from the very beginning and improvisation and take part in the organization of the process. Organizers who would like to develop skills interacting with the public in the process of street and spectacle performance are welcome to apply. Your training in performance and management is considered but not critical in our selection.

This is an opportunity to take part in creating real projects where you will deliver unexpected tasks with delightful consequences.  The way you are involved in participation depends on your desires, talents and diligence. For the experienced specialists the internship can become a base for experiments, public realization of art plans, research for new directions. For the students and beginners the internship can become an opportunity to make first steps and a place where you will be evaluated by your results, not your diploma and portfolio.

What we are doing

During our internship program participants will learn and improve their skills:

-    creating a visual concept of objects/costumes

-    sketching

-    making objects

-    working with cardboard

-    working up some plans of realisation an actions

-    making a script of an action based on offering conception

-    realisation of an action according to script

-    public performance, improvisation and communication with the audience


The internship lasts from 16 to 23 June,including the process of preparation and participation in the festival, without days off.

We are expecting your full engagement at work for the whole period of the workshop.


If you want to join you need:

-      fill out the application form online -

It limited numbers of participants we accept

-      accomplish a task, that you will receive within 7 days after sending the form

-      go through offline or online interview (time and date will be confirmed individually) 

-      arrive to place of internship according confirmed schedule.

Participation is free. Participants are responsible for their own food and travel costs (include visas if needed) to place of internship. The project schedule will be specified during the online interview.

According to the results of internship our participants get a chance to become part or full-time members of "Made in Cardboardia team"- in UK, Europe or Russia. 

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